Because we do.

Do you know
your online onions?


We know our onions.

That’s right. Onions. We know them.

We’ve known our onions for well over 20 years. That’s why our pitch rate this year is 100%.

Back then, knowing your onions meant pretty much the same thing. It meant being an expert. It meant learning as much as you possibly could about a client and its competitors, about that client’s industry, about that client’s products and people.

And then, when you got your precious 30 seconds to pitch on the phone, you stood a much better chance of winning for that client, simply because you knew your onions.

Or, if you stood in front of a potential client, you’d win the business, because, well, you knew your onions and it showed. Or, as the client might say “They won because they knew our onions and it showed.”

OK, maybe they wouldn’t, and we’re wondering how far we can really stretch this metaphor if we’re honest. But bear with us.

Today, we still know our onions, but the onions are just a bit, well, different. They’re virtual onions. Online onions. We do the same thing – dig them up, skin them, peel back the layers, chop them up, throw them into the pan – but we just use different tools to do it.

It’s not magic. It’s not weird science. It’s just online onions.

So today, instead of 30 seconds to pitch to your media audience on the phone, it’s 140 characters in Twitter. Instead of the front cover of the FT, it’s the most influential blogger’s engaged audience. Or it’s an online community ramping up the numbers for your event before, during and after.

We can still win attention and win business. It’s the same onions, just different. They’re just part of the way we work. We learn everything we possibly can about you, and that means we put together the very best online and mixed media programmes.

That’s why our pitch rate this year is 100%.

We’d love to know about your onions. Let’s get together and have an onion-off sometime.

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